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In this page, throughout pictures, you will be introduced to actual works of traditional handcrafting in Kukes Region. This is the first webpage of this theme opened online and we apologize if you will not be able to find everything that you would like concerning Kukes artisan works and handcrafting. We will welcome any question, suggestions and collaboration in improving this webpage in the future.

The Project which we have undertaken to implement, aims to return to the attention of Kukes community, our handcrafting traditions. It is about time to appreciate and preserve what has been left from our traditional artistic inheritance before it is already too late. In addition, the project aims to support the keenest women to build their private businesses of handcrafting in the service of tourism development as a new sector which is being created actually in Kukes region.

The actual handcrafting works in Kukes region are products of an inherent ancient tradition of the region in handcrafting which can be found since Illyricum times. The tradition of pottery has been also part of the collection of handcrafting in this region but which can be considered extinct actually. Few decades earlier, in discovered old tombs during the archeological researches, in Kolsh village near Kukes has been found of old pottery ornamented with artistic drawings and which were manufactured by the Illyricum ancestors situated in that area.

Also stone, wood carving and later iron works have been widely used for house ornamentation, begging of middle age and later on, But these are also manufacturer skills which are fading in time. Actually few and few people are getting interested to learn and develop these handcrafting techniques.

Women handcrafting tradition are those traditions which has still resisted time factor until the actual days. Carpets and quilts produced by Kukes women are deemed as of high quality products, harmonious and mostly preferred in the national and international handcrafting market.These products, two decades ago were exported from Albania to different European states and were articles in demand from this market.Handcraft works of Kukes artisan women have been as much famous and appreciates as those of Kruja and Korca traditional products.

An important part of women artisans handcrafting is the hand making of traditional costumes for women and men of Kukes region. These costumes express the originality of Kukes traditional handcrafting and concern an important feature of Kukes tradition values and identity. Actually speaking, few people wear these costumes for ordinary daily events, despite aged people or those who live in remote areas which make favors usage of these clothing especially during winter. Costumes tradition is able to be fully displayed and appreciated mainly during folkloric festivals and other traditional celebrations or otherwise in traditional weddings where the costume is considered as an element of identity and distinction from other Albanian regions. read more...